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Keywords: Data mining Clustering k-means algorithm Multi-criteria decision making Analytic hierarchy process University major ranking problem a b s t r a c t Although all university majors are prominent, and the necessity of their presence is of no question, they might not have the same priority basis considering different resources and strategies that(More)
UNLABELLED BACKGROUND Petroleum pollution is a global disaster and there are several soil cleaning methods including bioremediation. METHODS In a field study, fugal strains were isolated from oil-contaminated sites of Arak refinery (Iran) and their growth ability was checked in potato dextrose agar (PDA) media containing 0-10% v/v crude oil, the(More)
Comparative karyotype analysis of related species and populations has been used to describe patterns of chromosomal evolution within a group. In order to investigate cytogenetic variation in Achillea biebresteinii, root meristem zone of nine populations were removed and prepared using squash method. Image analysis system and Micro-measure software were(More)
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