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BACKGROUND Abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) is a dilatation of the aortic wall, which can rupture, if left untreated. Previous work has shown that, maximum diameter is not a reliable determinant of AAA rupture. However, it is currently the most widely accepted indicator. Wall stress may be a better indicator and promising patient specific results from(More)
The Society of American Gastrointestinal Endoscopic Surgeons (SAGES) Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery (FLS) program contains curriculum that includes both a cognitive and psychomotor skills. In this research the use of FLS Block Transfer task is used to evaluate the performance of surgeons' teleoperating the University of Washington Surgical robot. The(More)
In this paper, Bayesian decision procedures previously proposed for dose-escalation studies in healthy volunteers are reviewed and evaluated. Modifications are made to the expression of the prior distribution in order to make the procedure simpler to implement and a more relevant criterion for optimality is introduced. The results of an extensive simulation(More)
UNLABELLED Tumours can metastasize to sites of other tumours but this is a rare event. The phenomenon has been well described in primary tumours of the lung and breast. This has been described in melanomas but as very rare occurrence. We describe a case of a malignant melanoma that metastasized to a pre-existing meningioma. We have tried to highlight this(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare fat distribution and associations between fat depots and cardiometabolic traits in South Asians and Europeans. METHODS Five hundred and fourteen South Asians and 669 Europeans, aged 56-86. Questionnaires, record review, blood testing, and coronary artery calcification scores provided diabetes and clinical plus subclinical coronary(More)
BACKGROUND South Asians and African Caribbeans experience more cardiometabolic disease than Europeans. Risk factors include visceral (VAT) and subcutaneous abdominal (SAT) adipose tissue, which vary with ethnicity and are difficult to quantify using anthropometry. OBJECTIVE We developed and cross-validated ethnicity and gender-specific equations using(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine ethnic differences in ectopic fat and associations with incident diabetes. METHODS In a UK cohort study, 1338 Europeans, 838 South Asians, and 330 African Caribbeans living in London were aged 40-69 years at baseline. Baseline assessment included blood tests, anthropometry, and questionnaires. Anthropometry-based prediction equations(More)
OBJECTIVES To commemorate victims of electrical accidents that occurred in the first decades of radiology and relate these accidents to the evolution of the X-ray apparatus. METHODS Digitised newspapers, scientific journals, books and reports of legal procedures were searched for electrical accidents involving X-ray systems. Information on the historical(More)
BACKGROUND Indian Asians are at increased risk of cardiovascular death which does not appear to be explained by conventional risk factors. As microvascular disease is also more prevalent in Indian Asians, and as it is thought to play a role in the development of macrovascular disease, we decided to determine whether impaired microcirculation could(More)
We demonstrate theoretically that it is possible to realize terahertz (THz) fundamental band-gap between the electron mini-band in the InAs layer and the heavy-hole mini-band in the GaSb layer in InAs/GaSb based type II superlattices (SLs). The THz band-gap can be tuned by varying the sample growth parameters such as the well widths of the InAs and/or GaSb(More)