A. R. Vasudeva Murthy

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Of all the misleading statements Caraka's categorical declaration that all pramehas if not treated ends up as Madhumeha stands formost. Outlining a common samprapti for all Mutratipravrittaja Rogas appears to be the basic misleading efforts. Extremely limited description at certain points only adds to the confusion. Untiring efforts of the enthusiastic(More)
Ayurveda conceives in Life (Ayu) as a four dimensional entity i.e. Sarirendriya Satvatma Samyoga. Accordingly it adopts a comprehensive psychosomatic-spiritual approach to preservation of health and cure of diseases. Satvavajaya (psychotherapy) is described as a major non-pharmacological approach to treatment. This paper presents a critical study on the(More)
We investigate the role of the chain length and molecular weight distribution on the diffusion dynamics of freshly synthesized MEH-PPV polymer chains. For the above purpose, a new technique based on combination of size exclusion chromatography (SEC) with fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS) is developed to probe the diffusion dynamics of a narrow(More)
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