A. R. Vasudeva Murthy

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Ayurveda conceives in Life (Ayu) as a four dimensional entity i.e. Sarirendriya Satvatma Samyoga. Accordingly it adopts a comprehensive psychosomatic-spiritual approach to preservation of health and cure of diseases. Satvavajaya (psychotherapy) is described as a major non-pharmacological approach to treatment. This paper presents a critical study on the(More)
Ayurvedic texts have adopted multiple approaches to the classification of diseases. Caraka while choosing a binary classification in Vimana sthana declares that the classifications may be numerable and innumerable basing on the criteria chosen for such classification. He gives full liberty to the individual to go in for the newer and newer classification,(More)
Hridroga is among those diseases mentioned in Ayurveda where in the description is quite brief and the Ayurvedic view point needs clarification. In view of the increasing evidence of cardiac disorders in the present times this aspect assumes added importance. Among the five types of Hridroga described, in Vatika variety Ayurveda seems to have conceived the(More)
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