A. R. Varkonyi-Koczy

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In this paper, a classification method is proposed. The idea behind the classifier is the pre-calculation of fuzzy membership function values that are stored in fuzzy multidimensional arrays (so-called fuzzy hypermatrices) so their data can be accessed quickly run-time using the parameter values of the input data. This paper focuses on the 3 dimensional(More)
The genetic algorithms (GAs), as the optimization methods, are expansively used in mobile robot techniques. In this paper a previously developed, multi-agent based map building process optimizing GA [1] will be revised in form of GA algorithm optimization and GA's parameter tuning. The results of the algorithm-improving will be compared and analyzed in the(More)
Regression-type techniques are widely used for system modeling and characterization. In many of the cases the characterizations are to be performed on-line to be able to support control actions and other decisions which are necessary for the operation. In autonomous time critical and embedded systems there are further requirements to be met. Robustness and(More)
Recently, the usage of smart environments has become popular, in order to make everyday living more comfortable and to improve the quality of live of humans. In this paper, a hand posture and gesture modeling and recognition system is introduced, which can be used as an interface to make possible communication with the Intelligent Space by simple hand(More)
With the spreading of intelligent machines, manmachine co-operation has become an important research area. Today, intelligent robots collaborating with humans usually have to be able to store, retrieve, and update information about their environment, interpret and execute commands, offer existing and gain/learn new services. In these processes, the(More)
Nowadays practical solutions of engineering problems involve model-integrated computing. Due to their flexibility, robustness, and easy interpretability, the application of soft computing based models, may have an exceptional role. Despite of their advantages, the usage is still limited by their exponentially increasing computational complexity. Although,(More)
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