A. R. Sefidpour

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In this paper, a new fixed structure learning automaton (FSSA), with a tuning parameter for amount of its rewards, is presented and its behavior in stationary environments will be studied. This new automaton is called TFSLA (tunable fixed structured learning automata). The proposed automaton characterizes by star shaped transition diagram and each branch of(More)
Soccer model and relation of players and coach has been analyzed by a learning automata-based method, called soccer mobility estimator (SME), who estimates the mobility model of soccer players. During a soccer match, players play according to a certain program designed by coach. The pattern of players' mobility is not stochastic and it can be assumed that(More)
Segmentation symbol is an error resilience feature in JPEG 2000 image coding standard. When this feature is used, not detecting the segmentation symbol at the end of a bit plane by decoder, indicates that an error has occurred within that bit plane. However, a detected and correctly decoded segmentation symbol does not guarantee that the bit plane is error(More)
In this paper, we describe a real-time gradient-based multiple faces tracking (GMFT) algorithm in complex background. In GMFT method first faces are detected by combination of morphological facial feature extraction and gradient-based edge detection methods. After a face is reliably detected, it is tracked over time with a novel real-time algorithm. The(More)
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