A R Rosenthal

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In the 47 months from September, 1981, 1531 new cases of amblyopia were identified in the ophthalmic clinics of Leicestershire. Amblyopia was due to strabismus in 689 (45%), combined strabismus and anisometropia in 540 (35%), anisometropia alone in 252 (17%), and form deprivation in 50 (3%). The median age at presentation for strabismic amblyopia (3.64(More)
Chloroquine was administered intramuscularly 5 days a week to rhesus monkeys for as long as 4 1/2 years. No clinical, fluorescein angiographic, or electrophysiological evidence of retinal damage was observed. Yet chloroquine/chloroquine byproduct analysis of the ocular tissues revealed an enormous binding capacity of the pigmented tissues of the eye(More)
A study is reported of all new registrations for blindness and partial sight in the county of Leicestershire, England, for the years 1965, 1975, and 1985. The number of new registrations for blindness has risen considerably over this period, but the increase is shown to be attributable to changes in the age structure of the population and under-registration(More)
Clinical, ophthalmoscopic, perimetric, and color vision tests and visual evoked responses were recorded in symptomatic and asymptomatic eyes in five members of a family with Leber hereditary optic atrophy. The presymptomatic eyes showed abnormalities in the retinal nerve fiber layer. Optic nerve dysfunction was found before central vision failed. The(More)
The reproducibility of digital photogrammetry of optic nervehead photographs taken with the Zeiss fundus camera with Allen stereoseparator, the Donaldson fundus camera, and the Zeiss fundus camera with twin-prism separator were evaluated. Reproducibility of the various quantitative factors was significantly better when the two types of simultantic cups.(More)
The data for this paper were collected during a two-year study of the elderly in the market town of Melton Mowbray. The data show that typically, persons aged 75 years and older have poor uncorrected vision (6/36 Snellen acuity), but good corrected acuity, 73.8 per cent gaining 6/12 binocular Snellen acuity or better. Over 88 per cent were able to read N8(More)
Samples of the faeces of 153 consecutive patients presenting with acute anterior uveitis (AAU), and of 47 controls were examined for the presence of Klebsiella pneumoniae. No increase in the carriage rate of klebsiella was found in the AAU patients as compared with the controls. Furthermore no increase was found in any group of patients whether subdivided(More)