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Acute exacerbation of symptoms, or "flare-up," after the debridement of the root canals and provisional restoration is a well-known postoperative complication of endodontic treatment. In this clinical study, various types of intracanal medications were compared for their ability to decrease interappointment flare-ups. The result showed that use of(More)
A computerized telemetric system using a portable microprocessor receiving unit has been designed for clinical use in ambulatory 24-hour esophageal pH monitoring. The receiving unit can be used with either a pH-sensitive radiotelemetry pill or a standard intraesophageal pH probe. Esophageal pH data is collected under microprocessor control while the patient(More)
Acute exacerbation of symptoms during the inter-appointment time interval of endodontic treatment is a well-known complication. The phenomenon is termed "flare-up" by most researchers and clinicians, although the exact definition of it differs from one author to another, making it difficult to compare the results of the studies. The suggested flare-up index(More)
The peroxydatic activity of haemoglobin in the presence of hydrogen peroxide catalyses the oxidation of TMB to a coloured product. Haemoglobin peroxidase has been termed a 'pseudoperoxidase'7 because, unlike true peroxidases which exhibit specificity for phenols, erythrocytes contain a peroxidase (erythrocyte glutathione peroxidase) specific for oxidation(More)