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Mobile agents often have the task to collect data from several predefined servers. The factors that affect the performance of mobile agents in retrieving information from the network are the number of agents and the routing time taken by the participated agents to complete the assigned tasks. This paper presents an approach for distributed content based(More)
Nowadays, Business-to-Business (B2B) has become one the most important forms for e-commerce implementations that allows organizations (both partners and competitors) to cooperate in terms of building virtual corporations to satisfy customer and market needs. Almost all B2B applications have special requirements regarding to ability to be changed dynamically(More)
Real world manufacturing environments are highly dynamic because of frequently changing situations. Deterministic mechanisms using a centralized control mechanism cannot handle the system dynamics. Agent-based approaches are particularly suitable for dynamic manufacturing scheduling. This paper proposes a negotiation approach based on multiagent system for(More)
This paper presents MEGNTID; an architecture for mining the Egyptian e-government network traffic for intrusion detection. This architecture adapts a layering approach to detect intrusions, where known attacks are detected at a global layer defined for the Egyptian e-government network (EEGN) as a whole and normal behavior is filtered out at a local layer(More)
Software development methodologies have been considered as essential to the production of high quality software, especially on time and within budget. During the last decade, a new school of practice that labels itself as the agile development school has emerged with a set of concepts that can be seen as diametrically opposed to the tenets of traditional(More)
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