A. R. Medghalchi

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Background: amblyopia is a major cause of visual impairment in children. Our aim is to compare patching and atropine penalization for treatment of moderate amblyopia in 4-10 years old children. Methods: During 2004-2007, in a randomized clinical trial, 120 patients aged 4-10 years old with moderate amblyopia in the range of 20/40 -20/100 were enrolled.(More)
In a recent paper by H.X. Cao, J.H. Zhang and Z.B. Xu a α-Lipschitz operator from a compact metric space into a Banach space A is defined and characterized in a natural way in the sence that F : K → A is a α-Lipschitz operator if and only if for each σ ∈ X∗ the mapping σoF is a α-Lipschitz function. The Lipschitz operators algebras L(K,A) and l(K,A) are(More)
In this paper we initiate the study of real group algebras and investigate some of its aspects. Let 1 L ) (G be a group algebra of a locally compact group G G G → : ,τ be a group homeomorphism such that 1 2 = = τοτ τ , the identity map, and } : ) ( { ) , ( f f G L f G L p p = ∈ = οτ τ ) 1 ( ≥ p . In this paper, among other results, we clarify the structure(More)
We give an extension of the spectral mapping theorem on hypergroups and prove that if K is a commutative strong hypergroup with ̂ K Xb K and κ is a weakly continuous representation of M K on a W∗-algebra such that for every t ∈ K, κt is an ∗-automorphism, spκ is a synthesis set for L1 K and κ L1 K is without order, then for any μ in a closed regular(More)
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