A. R. Medghalchi

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OBJECTIVE To determine the visual acuity outcome at age 10 years for children younger than 7 years when enrolled in a treatment trial for moderate amblyopia. METHODS In a multicenter clinical trial, 419 children with amblyopia (visual acuity, 20/40-20/100) were randomized to patching or atropine eyedrops for 6 months. Two years after enrollment, a(More)
In a recent paper α-Lipschitz operator from a compact metric space into a Banach space A is defined and characterized in a natural way in the sence that F : K → A is a α-Lipschitz operator if and only if for each σ ∈ X * the mapping σoF is a α-Lipschitz function. The Lipschitz operators algebras L α (K, A) and l α (K, A) are developed here further, and we(More)
Improper designing, technological complexities, higher number of organizations and individuals involving in a project, diversity of the required specialties and extensive scope of the activities are among the reasons cause the state's civil project not to be completed within the time and cost as determined initially. So, the application of a well-organized(More)
– In this paper we initiate the study of real group algebras and investigate some of its aspects. Let 1 L) (G be a group algebra of a locally compact group G G G → : ,τ be a group homeomorphism such that 1 2 = = τοτ τ , the identity map, and } :) ({) , (f f G L f G L p p = ∈ = οτ τ) 1 (≥ p. In this paper, among other results, we clarify the structure of) ,(More)
Let A be a Banach algebra and (A ′′ ,) be its second dual with first Arens product. We consider three (A ′′ ,)-bimodule structures on forth dual and four (A ′′ ,)-bimodule structures on fifth dual of a Banach algebra. This paper determines the conditions that make these structures equal. Among other results we show that if A ′′ is weakly amenable with some(More)
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