A. R. Karimian

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BACKGROUND Mammography is the primary imaging technique for detection and diagnosis of breast cancer; however, the contrast of a mammogram image is often poor, especially for dense and glandular tissues. In these cases the radiologist may miss some diagnostically important microcalcifications. In order to improve diagnosis of cancer correctly, image(More)
We propose a Cylindrical Breast PET (CYBPET) system for breast imaging with patients in the prone position. An individual pendulous breast is covered by thin plastic to provide reduced pressure fixation and surrounded by the crystals inside the CYBPET ring. Each breast is imaged separately. The rest of the body is shielded properly to minimize the(More)
In Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT), the data acquisition occurs over a relatively long time, typically in the range of 5-30 minutes. During this period, the patient must lie still to guarantee the image quality. Nevertheless, patient movement has frequently been reported in clinical applications. This movement causes misalignment of the(More)
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