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This paper presents analysis and experimental demonstration of a high-efficiency linear power amplifier (PA) with second-harmonic injection at the output. In this circuit, the transistor is not driven hard into compression and does not produce significant harmonic content. External injection at the output enables voltage and current wave-shaping to achieve(More)
Consistency is a qualitative measure of database performance. Consistency Index (CI) is a quantification of consistency of a data unit in terms of percentage of correct reads to the total reads observed on the data unit in given time. The consistency guarantee of a replicated database logically depends on the number of reads, updates, number of replicas,(More)
This paper discusses the concept of partial supply modulation with harmonic injection at the output of a PA, resulting in constant high efficiency and linearity over a wide range of output power levels. Nonlinear simulations for the TriQuint TGF2023-01 6-W GaN device are validated with a proofof-concept PA biased in class-AB mode at 2.45GHz. Efficiencies in(More)
This paper demonstrates a MMIC GaN X-band PA designed to have improved efficiency by second harmonic power injection at the output that helps shape the time-domain waveforms across the drain. The MMIC contains a class-AB PA with a nominal 4-W (36 dBm) output power at 10GHz and a small-signal gain of 14dB. The best results with harmonic injection were(More)
Double sided auctions provide an efficient mechanism to implement bidding based many to many negotiations. In these auctions, sellers and buyers submit asks and bids respectively. These bids and asks are matched and cleared periodically. Efficient algorithms exist to match these asks and bids in case there are no assignment constraints. In some problems,(More)
This paper presents a technique for improving the linearity of a power amplifier using external second harmonic injection at the output. The amplifier is biased in class-A mode with no harmonic terminations in the output network and 50 % drain efficiency at 1 dB compression point. External second harmonic injection at the output is used to shape the drain(More)
Digital image acquisition and processing technique plays an important role in medical diagnosis. Images of living objects are taken using various modalities such as X-ray, Ultrasound, Computed Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) etc. During the acquisition process, various distortions in the images are founded, which will negatively affect the(More)