A. R. Dabrowski

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The long-standing distinction between channels and transporters is becoming blurred, with one pump protein even able to convert reversibly to a channel in response to osmotic shock. In this light, it is plausible that stretch channels, membrane proteins whose physiological roles have been elusive, may be transporters exhibiting channel-like properties in(More)
Measured ratios of decay rates for R Ke3/K2π , R Kµ3/K2π and R Kµ3/Ke3 are presented, based on K ± decays collected in a dedicated run in 2003 by the NA48/2 experiment at CERN. The results obtained are R Ke3/K2π = 0.2470 ± 0.0009(stat) ± 0.0004(syst) and R Kµ3/K2π = 0.1637 ± 0.0006(stat) ± 0.0003(syst). Using the PDG average for the K ± → π ± π 0(More)
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