A R Cooke

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To study further the ongoing spike discharge of burst-type myenteric neurons, extracellular recordings were made with either Teflon-insulated Pt wire electrodes (tip diam, 20 micrometers) or 3 M NaCl-filled glass micropipettes (tip diam, 1-2 micrometers). Presynaptic fibers to the erratic bursters were activated by electrical shocks delivered through(More)
The duodenums of opossums and cats were cut into strips 2 mm wide and 2-2.5 cm long. Strips cut in the direction of the oral-caudal axis were called longitudinal strips, and those cut at 90 degrees to that axis were called circular strips. Each muscle strip was stimulated with trains of electrical rectangular pulses (10 Hz, 50-70 V, 0.5 ms). In the(More)
Intrinsic inhibitory neurons to guinea pig taenia coli and small bowel circular muscle were activated by transmural electrical stimulation, and the postinhibitory contractile response of the muscle was utilized to evaluate whether or not the neuronal action of 5-hydroxytryptamine (5HT) was associated with the inhibitory neurons. The postinhibitory(More)
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