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We present here a novel technology for the rapid selection of transiently transfected cells from total populations in culture. This system utilizes recombinant antibody technology to produce a 'molecular hook' by displaying a hapten-binding single-chain antibody (sFv) on the surface of transfected cells. Mammalian cell lines from several origins were(More)
Juvenile hormone esterase degrades juvenile hormone, which acts in conjunction with ecdysteroids to control gene expression in insects. Circulating juvenile hormone esterase is removed from insect blood by pericardial cells and degraded in lysosomes. In experiments designed to characterize proteins involved in the degradation of juvenile hormone esterase, a(More)
A new chemical affinity system is described for the purification of proteins. The Linx Affinity Purification System enables researchers to quickly and easily bind a protein ligand to a chromatographic matrix and use the resulting affinity resin to purify a second protein from crude mixtures. The entire process takes approximately 2 h.
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