A. R. Babaei

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INTRODUCTION Penile amputation is a rare urologic condition for which immediate surgical replantation is warranted. The surgical technique used for repair has been modified and refined. Our aim was to assess the effects of several interventions and management for amputated penis after replantation. MATERIALS AND METHODS We searched the MEDLINE (January(More)
INTRODUCTION Patients with arteriogenic erectile dysfunction (ED) caused by traumatic localized arterial lesions can be treated successfully by penile revascularization (PR) surgery. We aimed to determine the subjective and objective outcomes of PR surgery in patients with arteriogenic ED. MATERIALS AND METHODS We searched for relevant publications(More)
In this paper, the authors tried to design the altitude hold mode autopilot for unmanned aerial vehicles. This case presents an interesting challenge attributable to the nonminimum phase characteristic, nonlinearities, and uncertainties of the altitude to elevator relationship. A fuzzy logic autopilot in a single-loop scheme is proposed for the design of(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the outcomes of macroscopic one-layer vasovasostomy (MOLVV) with those of two-layer microsurgical vasovasostomy (TLMVV). METHODS Standard TLMVV was performed in 112 men (Group 1), while MOLVV was performed in 94 patients. All of the MOLVVs were performed with number 1 nylon suture as a temporary stent. The outcome measures were as(More)
There are many reports for involvement of ATP-sensitive potassium channels in pancreatic, cardiac and vascular smooth muscle cells. This study examined the effect of single doses of K channel openers; diazoxide, minoxidil and K channel blockers; chlorpropamide, glibenclamide on serum concentration of aldosterone in male rats. Blood samples were obtained 60(More)
The fuzzy sliding mode control based on the multi-objective genetic algorithm is proposed to design the altitude autopilot of a UAV. This case presents an interesting challenge due to non-minimum phase characteristic, nonlinearities and uncertainties of the altitude to elevator relation. The response of this autopilot is investigated through various(More)
OBJECTIVES Umbilical cord blood is a good source of the mesenchymal stem cells that can be banked, expanded and used in regenerative medicine. The objective of this study was to test whether amniotic membrane extract, as a rich source of growth factors such as basic-fibroblast growth factor, can promote the proliferation potential of the umbilical cord(More)
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