A. R. Baba-Ali

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Future embedded systems (ES) will offer higher computation capacity than existing embedded systems. New applications of these ES require more and more memory resources and more and more energetic autonomy. For this reason, limited memory capacity and limited power consumption are two of the most important constraints in these systems. Since many ES are(More)
Signal flow determination of CMOS/VLSI digital circuits is a key issue for switch-level CAD tools such as timing and testability analyzers, or functional abstractors, ATPGs etc .. and even some simulators. It is used to preprocess circuit MOS transistors in order to improve both the accuracy and the running time of these CAD tools. Existing algorithms can(More)
In this paper, we present a description of our research in the field of data mining. We describe a two level hybrid evolutionary approach for classification rule extraction. Our method is a mix of two classic approaches called respectively Michigan and Pittsburg approaches. The goal is to take advantage of both approaches while minimising their drawbacks.(More)
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