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BACKGROUND Exposomics is the cutting-edge concept of screening the environmental risk factors for disease. In the novel "top-down" approach, we estimate the molecular exposome by measuring all body fluid analytes in a case-controlled study. However, to detect diverse pollutants, a sufficient sample size and multiple analytical methods are required. This may(More)
Arsenic is a widespread metalloid in environment, whose exposure has been associated with a broad spectrum of toxic effects. However, a global view of arsenic-induced male reproductive toxicity is still lack, and the underlying mechanisms remain largely unclear. Our results revealed that arsenic exposure decreased testosterone level and reduced sperm(More)
To have a complete model of a thunniform Fish-Robot, models of both body and tail are required. The dynamic model of the body is developed according to the parameters of a thunniform Fish-Robot built in MIT University, while, as the main part of this paper, the dynamic model of the tail is developed using fuzzy logic. Using experimental data and table(More)
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