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Studies in fasted, anaesthetized rats have shown that adrenaline and nicotine-induced hyperglycaemia is mediated via activation of beta-adrenoceptors. The hyperglycaemic response to nicotine is different from that of adrenaline in that, unlike adrenaline hyperglycaemia, nicotine hyperglycaemia is characterized by a long latent period, delayed attainment of(More)
The present study was designed to investigate the effects of alpha and beta adrenergic receptor blockers on caffeine-induced increase in canine hindlimb glucose uptake. The study was carried out on fasted male anaesthetized dogs divided into five groups [5 dogs per group]. Each dog was given a bolus injection of normal saline, caffeine [6 mg/kg] caffeine(More)
The antihypertensive effect of Hibiscus sabdariffa (HS) has been validated in animals and man. This study tested the hypothesis that its hypotensive effect may be sympathetically mediated. The cold pressor test (CPT) and handgrip exercise (HGE) were performed in 20 healthy subjects before and after the oral administration of 15mg/Kg HS. The blood pressure(More)
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