A. Rösch

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An abstract linear-quadratic optimal control problem with pointwise control constraints is investigated. This paper is concerned with the discretization of the control by piecewise linear functions. Under the assumption that the optimal control and the optimal adjoint state are Lipschitz continuous and piecewise of class C 2 an approximation of order h 3/2(More)
The present study tested whether the hypothesis that high levels of progesterone (P) have a decoupling effect on the function of the brain hemispheres (Hausmann & Gunturkun, 2000) also extends to attentional functions, referential connections between verbal and nonverbal representations and the degree to which implicit motivational needs match a person's(More)
We explored the influence of implicit motives and activity inhibition (AI) on subjectively experienced affect in response to the presentation of six different facial expressions of emotion (FEEs; anger, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness, and surprise) and neutral faces from the NimStim set of facial expressions (Tottenham et al., 2009). Implicit motives and(More)
Facial expressions of emotion (FEEs) have been portrayed as potent (dis-) incentives for power-motivated perceivers, because they signal the strength of a sender's dominance (Stanton, Hall, & Schultheiss, 2010). Here, we tested the hypothesis that individuals with a high implicit power motive (nPower), who have a disposition to seek (emotional) impact on(More)
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