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BACKGROUND In adults, both metabolic alterations related to syndrome X and lower plasma vitamin E levels have been associated with an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease. OBJECTIVES To study the presence of metabolic alterations related to syndrome X and to determine the plasma levels of vitamin E in obese children with acanthosis(More)
The presence of pubic hair is exceptional in healthy infants of both sexes. In most of the cases described in the literature, the process was self-limited and no etiology was found. Nevertheless, in some patients, this finding has been associated with other manifestations of hyperandrogenism related to potentially serious diseases such as congenital adrenal(More)
BACKGROUND Changes in body configuration that may affect the physical activity may play a role in the caloric consumption and led to the development of obesity. OBJECTIVES To determine the presence of genu valgum, an alteration that may decrease physical activity and caloric expenditure, in overweight children. METHODS Thirty-five overweight children(More)
THERAPY Although obesity is one of the leading health problems in developed countries, effective treatment is lacking. The aim of the present study was to determine whether group therapy is more efficient in inducing weigh loss than individual therapy in the pediatric age group. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN Fifty obese patients, 15 preadolescents and 33(More)
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