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This paper presents a parametric finite-difference scheme concerning the numerical solution of the one-dimensional Boussinesq-type set of equations, as they were introduced by Peregrine [16] , in the case of waves relatively long with small amplitudes in water of constant depth. The method which is used can be considered as a generalization of the(More)
PERSEUS project aims to identify the most relevant pressures exerted on the ecosystems of the Southern European Seas (SES), highlighting knowledge and data gaps that endanger the achievement of SES Good Environmental Status (GES) as mandated by the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD). A complementary approach has been adopted, by a meta-analysis of(More)
In this work, the wind and wave climate of the Hellenic Seas, based on 10-year hindcast data, is described in detail. The wind and wave hindcast was carried out using an improved version of the SKIRON-Eta atmospheric model and the WAM-cycle 4 wave model with a high spatial resolution of 0.1ºx0.1º and a model time step of 3 hours, in order to resolve(More)
In this work a monitoring system, pro information relative to the radioactivity level in aquatic environments, is presented. The radioactivity information is obtained from the measured spectrum, using an algorithm for photopeak determination based on wavelet denoising methods. This algorithm improves significantly the analysis capability of a short-term(More)
An algorithm for automated analysis of in-situ NaI γ-ray spectra in the marine environment is presented. A standard wavelet denoising technique is implemented for obtaining a smoothed spectrum, while the stability of the energy spectrum is achieved by taking advantage of the permanent presence of two energy lines in the marine environment. The automated(More)
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