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It is known that the springlike properties of muscles provide automatic load compensation during weight bearing. How crucial is sensory control of the motor output given these basic properties of the locomotor system? To address this question, a neuromuscular model was used to test two hypotheses. (1) Stretch reflexes are too weak and too delayed to(More)
This report concerns a test of the hypothesis that gain in the stretch reflex pathway of cat medial gastrocnemius (MG) muscle during locomotion increases after denervation of its synergists, lateral gastrocnemius (LG), soleus (SOL) and plantaris (PL) muscles. In four cats, MG, tibialis anterior (TA) and vastus lateralis (VL) muscles were implanted with(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare traditional plaster casts, digital models and 3D printed copies of dental plaster casts based on various criteria. To determine whether 3D printed copies obtained using open source system RepRap can replace traditional plaster casts in dental practice. To compare and contrast the qualities of two possible 3D printing options--source(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Coherence changes can reflect the pathophysiological processes involved in human ageing. We conducted a retrospective population study that sought to analyze the age-related changes in EEG coherence in a group of 17,722 healthy professional drivers. MATERIALS AND METHODS The EEGs were obtained using a standard 10-20 electrode(More)
Image de-noising and restoration represent basic problems in image processing with many different applications including engineering, reconstruction of missing data during their transmission and enhancement of biomedical structures as well. This problem occurs also in filling-in blocks of missing or corrupted data. The paper presents the use of Wavelet(More)
Age-related changes in the EEG energy and spectral composition were examined in 17,722 healthy subjects (truck drivers), 20 to 70 years old. Linear correlations between age vs global EEG energy and spectral powers (SPs) of EEG frequency ranges were estimated by linear regression analysis. Significant dependences of the global EEG energy and SPs of all EEG(More)
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