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—Optimization strategies have gained wide importance in solving complex problems in various fields. Many optimization algorithms such as genetic algorithm, ant colony optimization algorithm etc are used widely in various fields such as image processing, bioinformatics etc to solve problems with high complexity. Biogeography-based optimization (BBO) is an(More)
Feature selection is often employed prior to classification using machine learning techniques to alleviate the dimensionality problem of data sets. The dimensionality problem can lead to classification error. DNA Microarray data sets represents the differentially expressed genes that play a major role in various biological processes. Many of the microarray(More)
The objective is to create new Rhizopus sp inoculum product in order to provide market need for Tempe industries. The benefit is to utilize the appropriate traditional biotechnology for the development of a high quality inoculum product. The methods used is research and development to create new products.
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