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INTRODUCTION Intracranial complications (ICC) secondary to otitis media are unusual but potentially life-threatening. We report an unusually high frequency of these events, and describe their clinical and epidemiological features. MATERIAL AND METHOD A retrospective study of all pediatric patients with ICC admitted to our tertiary hospital from April 2004(More)
INTRODUCTION An increase in both the incidence and severity of acute mastoiditis (AM) has been recently recorded in many different geographical areas. Causes remain unclear. This study aims to evaluate our clinical and epidemiological data in paediatric patients with AM and to compare them with recent reports. MATERIAL AND METHODS Retrospective chart(More)
Brucellosis is a relatively common disease in the Mediterranean area and may present with prolonged fever without focus, however it remains an important diagnostic challenge to most pediatricians. We report the case of a 10-year-old male patient who presented with fever without a focus of 10-day duration, hepatomegaly, ascites, a small elevation in(More)
2. Billard M. Diagnosis of narcolepsy and idiopathic hypersomnia. Un update based on the International classification of sleep disorders, 2 ed. Sleep Med Rev. 2007;11:377–88. 3. Basseti C, Aldrich MS. Idophatic hypersomnia. A series of 42 patients. Brain. 1997;120:1423–35. 4. Anderson KN, Pilsworth S, Sharples L, Smith I, Shneerson JM. Idiopathic(More)
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