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UNTIL VERY RECENTLY, the possibility of starting real telemedicine or telepsychology systems was restricted by the cost of the equipment and by the lack of adequate infrastructures. Nonetheless, the technological advances we are witnessing at present have allowed the publication of a series of pioneering works with good and promising results. The analysis(More)
Marking programming assignments in programming courses involves a lot of work: each program must be tested, the source code must be read and evaluated, etc. With the large classes encountered nowadays, the feedback provided to students through marking is thus rather limited, and often late. Tools providing support for marking programming assignments do(More)
OBJECTIVE No evidence-based guideline has been published about optimal referral criteria and diagnostic work-up for tall stature in children. The aim of our study was to describe auxological and clinical characteristics of a cohort of children referred for tall stature, to identify potential candidates for adult height reduction, and to use these(More)
To give an indication of a fitness cost conferred by FKS mutation-associated echinocandin resistance in Candida glabrata during human infection. Six C. glabrata clinical strains sequentially isolated from blood and a hepatic abscess in a solid organ transplant recipient were analysed. The patient had received long-term azole and echinocandin therapy for(More)
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