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Forty-six strains representing 15 species of Drechslera, five of Bipolaris and four of Exserohilum, as well as two formae of Drechslera teres were compared by RAPD analysis. Drechslera formed a large, heterologous group, while species of Bipolaris and Exserohilum were more closely related. Strong pair-wise affinities were observed between D. graminea and D.(More)
Thirty-four strains of seven species of Trichoderma isolated from various fungal sources were compared for direct mycoparasitic activity (MPA), chitinase production and antibiotic activity (ANA) in order to choose the most appropriate partners for a strain-breeding programme. Within species genetic differences were also assesses in T. hamatum, T. harzianum(More)
Isozymes from 18 isolates representing seven species of the Fusarium sections Arthrosporiella and Sporotrichiella were compared by isoelectric focusing in polyacrylamide gels. Of the six enzyme systems tested esterase and malate dehydrogenase showed the largest variation. A numerical analysis of the pI values determined for acid phosphatase, esterase,(More)
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