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An increase in the use of cocaine and crack in several parts of Europe has raised the question whether this trend is similar to that of the USA in the 1980s. However, research in the field of cocaine use in Europe has been only sporadic. Therefore, a European multi-centre and multi-modal project was designed to study specific aspects of cocaine and crack(More)
AIM The study investigates patterns of cocaine powder and crack cocaine use of different groups in nine European cities. DESIGN, SETTING, PARTICIPANTS Multi-centre cross-sectional study conducted in Barcelona, Budapest, Dublin, Hamburg, London, Paris, Rome, Vienna, and Zurich. Data were collected by structured face-to-face interviews. The sample comprises(More)
Work of collection of productions made in workshops of expression constitute a specific need for evaluation in art-therapy. The Mediatised Observation is completed by special validated (K-test) and built instruments of description for productions from each mediation (paintings, writings, music...) and for observed behaviours in situ during therapeutic work(More)
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