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termines the diurnal evolution of the atmospheric boundary layer (Callies et al., 1998). Currently, there is a need We present a comprehensive review of methods to measure soil to establish and quantify the contribution of soil water water content with ground penetrating radar (GPR). We distinguish content–regulated land–atmosphere coupling to regional
Axonal projections from the retina to the brain are regulated by molecules including the Slit family of ligands [Thompson, H., Barker, D., Camand, O., Erskine, L., 2006a. Slits contribute to the guidance of retinal ganglion cell axons in the mammalian optic tract. Dev. Biol. 296, 476-484, Thompson, H., Camand, O., Barker, D., Erskine, L., 2006b. Slit(More)
The Robo family of molecules is important for axon guidance across the midline during central nervous system (CNS) development in invertebrates and vertebrates. Here we describe the patterns of Robo protein expression in the developing mouse CNS from embryonic day (E) 9.5 to postnatal day (P) 4, as determined by immunohistochemical labeling with an antibody(More)
The ventral midline of the central nervous system is an important intermediate target where growing commissural axons either cross and project contralaterally or remain on the same side of the body. New studies on mice and humans show that this decision by commissural axons is largely dependent on Slits, extracellular matrix proteins that are widely(More)
We discuss our experiences in integrating a commercial off-the-shelf ground-penetrating radar unit with an all-terrain rover. Straight-line subsurface surveys were generated in a fully autonomous manner using odometry and a simple visual servoing technique. Survey results for various terrains are presented. We discuss the configuration of the integrated(More)
T T T T Ta a a a ab b b b ble of le of le of le of Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract .. Abstr Abstr Abstr Abstr Abstract act act act act Digital processing of GPR data can be extremely beneficial in some cases and totally inappropriate in others. The general question the user must address is whether the processing is cost effective. While not(More)
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