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3 This paper analyzes the structural reform process that has been taking place in Uruguay since the return to democracy in 1985. Three main questions oriented the research: why reform? what kind of reform? and, how well did the reform perform? The main focus is on the pro-market reforms as they have been summarized in the so-called Washington Consensus, but(More)
Political institutions, policymaking processes, and policy outcomes : the case of Uruguay / by Mario Bergara (coordinator) … [et al.]. The views and interpretations in this document are those of the authors and should not be attributed to the Inter-American Development Bank, or to any individual acting on its behalf. The Research Department (RES) produces a(More)
Psicología como ciencia y la orientación psicobiológica en la formación profesional del psicólogo Psychology as a science and the psychobiological approach in the training of the psychologyst ABSTRACT Psychology is a biosocial science so students should receive adequate training in psychobio-logy, neuropsychology and social psychology. This has been(More)
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