A Pereira Júnior

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In the present work, we characterize electrophysiologically a commissural subcortical pathway which is related to binocular interactions in the nucleus of the optic tract (NOT) of the opossum. The main role played by the circuit comprising this pathway seems to be in relaying information coming from the ipsilateral eye to the NOT. The strongest evidence(More)
This paper reviews anatomical and electrophysiological data on the nucleus of the optic tract (NOT) of the opossum, a nucleus in the afferent branch of the horizontal optokinetic reflex. It is proposed that subcortical routes are essential for responses from the two eyes: a direct retinal projection from the contralateral eye and a commissural pathway(More)
In the present study, histochemical techniques combined with more conventional anatomical methods were used to refine the identification of the nucleus of the optic tract and the nuclei of the accessory optic system in the opossum. The distribution of the enzyme cytochrome oxidase (CO) was examined in the cells and the neuropil of the opossum's(More)
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