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This paper presents some case studies about the use of control loop performance assessment tools and techniques. Many loops from different industrial segments have been studied and presented a good potential for optimization. The audit of these loops revealed high variability and oscillation problems due to improper loop tuning, valve problems and wrong(More)
This paper presents an application of business intelligence (BI) for electricity management systems in the context of the Smart Grid domain. Combining semantic Web technologies (SWT) and elements of grid computing (GC), we have designed a distributed architecture of intelligent nodes, which are called power grid distributed nodes (PGDINs). This distributed(More)
Vehicle modelling and simulation is becoming a key competence for the development of the electrified vehicle systems, from preliminary designs to implementation and validation phases. Usually different vehicle models are used in design phases, leading to lack of traceability and robustness in the design process. An integrated approach is presented in order(More)
We are researching a Web integrated reference architecture based on the mediator-wrapper approach. From a conceptual modeling point of view, this mediator is an architectural component defined by a semantic unification model composed of two layers. The lower layer, the specific ontological network (SON), is tailored to a concise application domain. It(More)
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