A. Pellegrini

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Spectral EEG analysis in hepatic encephalopathy (HE) is usually performed disregarding the effect of epoch length, statistical errors and equipment noise. A study on these items was carried out. In addition, spectral analysis and a new analysis, performed in time domain, were compared in the assessment of HE. The EEG tracings of 73 cirrhotic patients with(More)
Changes in the soil microbial community structure can lead to dramatic changes in the soil ecosystem. Temperature, which is projected to increase with climate change, is commonly assumed to affect microbial communities, but its effects on agricultural soils are not fully understood. We collected soil samples from six vineyards characterised by a difference(More)
Vineyards harbour a variety of weeds, which are usually controlled since they compete with grapevines for water and nutrients. However, weed plants may host groups of fungi and bacteria exerting important functions. We grew three different common vineyard weeds (Taraxacum officinalis, Trifolium repens and Poa trivialis) in four different soils to(More)
Soil microorganisms are key determinants of soil fertility and plant health. Soil phytopathogenic fungi are one of the most important causes of crop losses worldwide. Microbial biocontrol agents have been extensively studied as alternatives for controlling phytopathogenic soil microorganisms, but molecular interactions between them have mainly been(More)
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