A. Pecchia

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We investigate the influence of molecular vibrations on the tunneling of electrons through an octane−thiolate sandwiched between two gold contacts. The coherent and incoherent tunneling currents are computed using the non-equilibrium Green's functions formalism. Both the system Hamiltonian and the electron−phonon interaction are obtained from(More)
Cross-conjugated molecules are known to exhibit destructive quantum interference, a property that has recently received considerable attention in single-molecule electronics. Destructive quantum interference can be understood as an antiresonance in the elastic transmission near the Fermi energy and leading to suppressed levels of elastic current. In most(More)
PACS. 73.63.-b – Electronic transport in nanoscale materials and structures. PACS. 73.63.Fg – Nanotubes. PACS. 63.22.+m – Phonons or vibrational states in low-dimensional structures and nanoscale materials. Abstract. – We study the influence of structural lattice fluctuations on the elastic electron transport in single-wall carbon nanotubes within a(More)
1 The field of molecular electronics has seen a tremendous expansion in recent years, thanks to the realization of ingenious experimental setups and the fundamental achievement of reproducible results and behaviours. Significant progresses have also been made from a theoretical point of view, although the agreement with experiments is still not(More)
OBJECTIVES The use of laparoscopy to treat malignant hematological diseases is not completely accepted. Our aim was to analyze operative and postoperative results of laparoscopic splenectomy performed for benign versus malignant hematological disorders. METHODS Between 1994 and 2003, 76 consecutive patients underwent laparoscopic splenectomy. The first 38(More)
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