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The colorectal cancer ranks high among the malignant tumours in incidence and mortality and irinotecan is standardly used in palliative treatment of metastatic disease in every therapeutic line. Unfortunately, the treatment with irinotecan is often associated with severe toxicities, especially neutropenia and diarrhea. The majority of the toxic(More)
Cervical cancer affects women worldwide, especially in developing countries. Approximately 500,000 cases of this disease are diagnosed per year. The method of choice in the treatment of advanced cervical cancers (in accordance with the International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics staging system (FIGO) starting from stage IIB) is combined(More)
Dermatomyositis is an autoimmune myopathy characterized by proximal muscle weakness, muscle inflammation, and typical skin findings. It is a rare disease with an incidence of ~1/100 000. About 15–30 % of adult-onset cases are caused by underlying malignancy and dermatomyositis can be the first symptom of undiagnosed cancer, mainly in the case of(More)
OBJECTIVE Interestingly, evidence is currently emerging that the activation of angiogenesis leads to immunomodulatory/immunosuppressive effects both at the local and systemic levels. These are very complex and interconnected processes. In this study, our aim was to establish interferon alpha-2b as an anti-angiogenic agent and show the complexity of(More)
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