A Patey

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The distribution of the 2 main types (A and B) of 5-HT1 binding sites in the rat brain was studied by light-microscopic quantitative autoradiography. The 5-HT1A sites were identified using 3H-8-hydroxy-2-(N-dipropylamino)tetralin (3H-8-OH-DPAT) or 3H-5-HT as the ligand. In the latter case, it was shown that 3H-5-HT binding to 5-HT1A sites corresponded to(More)
The tight junctions of the ciliary epithelium constitute the main morphological counterpart of the blood-aqueous barrier. Although well-known in the adult, they have only been poorly studied during the morphogenesis of the ciliary processes. We thus analysed them during this period in order to detect whether any changes appear in their general pattern. In(More)
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