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Based on the analysis of the parameters considered as more relevant for the evaluation of hand performances, a functionality index is proposed. The aim of this study is the definition of a functionality index that provides a quantitative measure of hand prosthesis functionality. A clinical analysis of the global efficiency of such prosthesis based on their(More)
This report summarises and builds on the results of the “Directions and Methodologies for Empirical Software Engineering Research” group discussion. In particular, we considered the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to empirical software engineering research in light of the discussions and presentations during the workshop. The following(More)
At certain times of the year it happens that some pharmacies run out of stock of certain drugs. This could be avoided if a predictive data mining models the relation between temperature, air quality and type of population served by the pharmacy. In this sense the literature contains many references to the relationship of these factors with certain(More)
The process of economic and social change that Navarra has undergone in recent decades has been associated with the arrival of a growing flow of immigrants since the start of the new century. They have had a decisive influence as a factor of economic change in terms of production increase and internal demand. A new Navarra is being built thanks to the(More)
This paper develops a model of patent trolls to understand various litigation strategies employed by nonpracticing entities (NPE). We show that when a NPE faces multiple potential infringers who use related technologies, it can gain a credible threat to litigate even when it has no such credibility vis-à-vis any single potential infringer in isolation. This(More)
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