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In this letter, we propose a new definition of the discrete time and frequency Wigner-Ville distribution. The proposed distribution not only displays a readable representation (small aliasing) but also exhibits unitarity and is easy to compute. We compare the time-frequency representation associated with this proposed definition with other existing ones.
Species: Mouse Locus name: 5,10-Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase Locus symbol: Mthfr Map position: Distal Chromosome (Chr) 4, Cen t romere D4Mit13-1.06 cM _+ 0.75-Mthfr-l.06 +_ 1.06-D4Mit42 Method of mapping: Mthfr was localized by RFLP analysis of 94 animals from an interspecific backcross panel ((C57BL/6JEi x SPRET/Ei)F 1 x SPRET/Ei) provided by The(More)
The gravitational wave detector Virgo is presently being commissioned. A significant part of last year was spent in setting up the cavity length control system. This work was carried out with steps of increasing complexity: locking a simple FabryPerot cavity, then a Michelson interferometer with Fabry-Perot cavities in both arms, and finally recycling the(More)
The French-Italian interferometric gravitational wave detector VIRGO is currently being commissioned. Its principal instrument is a Michelson interferometer with 3 km long optical cavities in the arms and a powerrecycling mirror. This paper gives an overview of the present status of the system. We report on the presently attained sensitivity and the(More)
The Virgo interferometer, aimed at detecting gravitational waves, is now in a commissioning phase. Measurements of its optical properties are needed for the understanding of the instrument. We present the techniques developed for the measurement of the optical parameters of Virgo. These parameters are compared with the Virgo specifications.
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