A. Padma

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The research work presented in this paper is to achieve the tissue classification and automatically diagnosis the abnormal tumor region present in Computed Tomography (CT) images using the wavelet based statistical texture analysis method. Comparative studies of texture analysis method are performed for the proposed wavelet based texture analysis method and(More)
A majority of the unsafe abortions are performed by untrained birth attendants or quacks leading to complications in a large proportion of these cases. Complications like bowel injury, bladder injury, uterine perforation, and septic abortion are mostly caused by unskilled hands and are detected immediately or within few days of the procedure, owing to the(More)
True hermaphrodite is one of the rare variety of disorders of sex development. Most of them are genotypically females (46 XX) and present as under virilized males. Features of hyperandrogenism are present in those reared as females. The commonest histological variety of gonad found in them is ovotestis, which is at risk for malignancy. We report a girl with(More)
Medical literature on pregnancy outcomes in hepatic overlap syndromes is limited. Autoimmune liver diseases are associated with sub-fertility and pregnancy is usually dissuaded in presence of portal hypertension and cirrhosis due to guarded prognosis for the pregnancy as well as the liver disease. We report a 24-year-old primigravida with autoimmune(More)
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