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Auditory verbal hallucinations (AVH) is a common and stressful symptom of schizophrenia. Disrupted connectivity between frontal and temporo-parietal language areas, giving rise to the misattribution of inner speech, is speculated to underlie this phenomenon. Disrupted connectivity should be reflected in the microstructure of the arcuate fasciculi (AF); the(More)
In multivariate calibrations usually a minimal residual error in the model's predictions is aimed at, while generally less attention is paid to the robustness of the model with respect to changes in instrumentation, laboratory conditions, or sample composition. In this paper, we propose a strategy for selecting a multivariate calibration model which(More)
When spectral variation caused by factors different from the parameter to be predicted (e.g. external variations in temperature) is present in calibration data, a common approach is to include this variation in the calibration model. For this purpose, the calibration sample spectra measured under standard conditions and the spectra of a smaller set measured(More)
SUMMARY In order to transfer a calibration model, techniques such as piecewise direct standardization (PDS) or direct standardization (DS) are used. This implies that the same subset of samples must be measured in both situations. However, when a model is transferred from an off-line application to an on-line application, it is not possible to remeasure the(More)
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