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Entanglement of the spin-orbit and magnetic order in multiferroic materials bears a strong potential for engineering novel electronic and spintronic devices. Here, we explore the electron and spin structure of ferroelectric α-GeTe thin films doped with ferromagnetic Mn impurities to achieve its multiferroic functionality. We use bulk-sensitive soft-X-ray(More)
The surface of a material is not only a window into its bulk physical properties, but also hosts unique phenomena important for understanding the properties of a solid as a whole. Surface sensitive techniques, like ARPES (Angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy), STM (Scanning tunneling microscopy), AFM (Atomic force microscopy), pump-probe optical(More)
Photoelectrons produced from the excitation of spin-degenerate states in solids can have a sizable spin polarization, which is related to the phase of interfering channels in the photoemission matrix elements. Such spin polarization can be measured by spin-resolved photoemission spectroscopy to gain information about the transitions and the Wigner time(More)
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