A. P. Vincent

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We measured discrimination threshold for time to contact with a simulated approaching object at 20 locations between 0 and 32 deg eccentricity in the left, right, upper, and lower visual fields. We also measured discrimination threshold for rate of expansion at the same 20 locations. At 0 deg eccentricity, discrimination of trial-to-trial variations in time(More)
We measured the accuracy with which subjects estimated the time to collision with a simulated textured object approaching at constant speed along the line of sight. The independent variable was the ratio R, where R = (rate of dilation of the texture elements that covered the simulated object)/ (rate of dilation of object size). When matching was perfect(More)
Subjects were presented with a set of 216 test gratings in random order. Each had a different combination of orientation, spatial frequency, and contrast. For each test grating, subjects were instructed to judge whether or not orientation was clockwise of the mean of the stimulus set, whether or not spatial frequency was higher than the mean of the stimulus(More)
A rate of change of relatively disparity is a sufficient binocular stimulus for the perception of motion in depth. For motion within the meridian that contains the eyes, disparity change associated with approaching motion is processed through four channels, each tuned to a different direction of motion in depth. Directional discrimination is most acute but(More)
The fractal dimension of iso-vorticity surfaces is estimated from a 3-dimensional simulation of homogeneous turbulence at moderate Reynolds numbers, performed by Vincent and Meneguzzi. The results are found to be compatible with a recently proposed theory which predicts a crossover from a 2-dimensional geometry at small scales to a fractal geometry at(More)
This paper focuses on the role of sensitivity analysis in studies of water transport in the environmental and geophysical sciences. Sensitivity analysis is useful in model development to determine how changes in parameter input will affect a model's response. It is also used in data assimilation to incorporate observations into a model. The adjoint method(More)
High temporal and spatial resolution optical image time series have been proven efficient for crop type mapping at the end of the agricultural season. However, due to cloud cover and image availability, crop identification earlier in the season is difficult. The recent availability of high temporal and spatial resolution SAR image time series, opens the(More)
This study demonstrates that ordinary kriging in spherical coordinates using experimental semi-vario-grams provides highly usable results, especially near the pole in winter and/or where there could be data missing over large areas. In addition, kriging allows display of the spatial variability of daily ozone measurements at di€erent pressure levels. Three(More)
  • Loyola eCommons, Arthur Vincent Kanuch, Arthur Vincent, VITA AUCTORIS
  • 2013
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