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This paper focuses on the role of sensitivity analysis in studies of water transport in the environmental and geophysical sciences. Sensitivity analysis is useful in model development to determine how changes in parameter input will affect a model's response. It is also used in data assimilation to incorporate observations into a model. The adjoint method(More)
This study demonstrates that ordinary kriging in spherical coordinates using experimental semi-vario-grams provides highly usable results, especially near the pole in winter and/or where there could be data missing over large areas. In addition, kriging allows display of the spatial variability of daily ozone measurements at di€erent pressure levels. Three(More)
One dimensional spiral titania nanostructures were obtained by anodization of pure titanium from fluoride containing solutions of phosphoric acid. The formation of nanotubes was found to be dependant on current density. Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopy (FESEM) shows the diameter of tubes around 70-100 nm which is consistent with the High(More)
Our primary objective is to develop an efficient and accurate method for analyzing time series with a multiscale character. Our motivation stems from the studies of the physical properties of marine sediment ͑stiffness and density͒ derived from seismic acoustic records of surface/interface waves along the water-seabed boundary. These studies depend on the(More)
Seismic waves traveling in the water/sediment or sub-bottom sediment interface have been the subject of considerable interest in underwater acoustics in recent years. Some progress has been made in understanding the propagation and attenuation characteristics of interface waves in different geological environments. However, the generating mechanisms are(More)
Fast, sensitive and discriminating detection of hydrogen at room temperature is crucial for storage, transportation, and distribution of hydrogen as an energy source. One dimensional nanowires of SnO2 are potential candidates for improved H2 sensor performance. The single directional conducting continuous nanowires can decrease electrical noise, and their(More)
We present a simple out-of-core algorithm for computing the Fast-Fourier Transform (FFT) needed to determine the twodimensional potential of surface crystals with large-scale features, like faults, at ultra-high resolution, with around 109 grid points. This algorithm represents a proof of concept that a simple and easy-to-code, out-of-core algorithm can be(More)
Acyl chloride of N-phthaloyl-(S)-isoleucine is an efficient chiral auxiliary for the resolution of (±)-[2.2]paracyclophane-4-thiol. A preparative protocol, based on the conversion into diastereoisomeric thiolesters and separation by two fractional crystallizations and column chromatography, was developed. Deprotection with LiAlH4 allowed isolation of the(More)