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Our aim, through a comparative study of two populations, one European and the other Afro-Caribbean, was to find out whether there were differences in radiographic measurements of femoral diaphyseal canal diameter, thickness of the medial and lateral cortex, and global diaphyseal diameter. We studied the nailed femurs of adult males in a population of 54(More)
Centipede bites occurring in tropical countries are rare, however vigilance must be exercised during activities in the open air and dwellings should be checked in the event of rain. The bite is very painful and can be accompanied by generalised signs. An initial wound disinfection and a check of antitetanus vaccination status is all that is usually needed(More)
Fractures of the femoral head are rare. They usually occur in association with a posterior hip dislocation secondary to a high-energy trauma (motor vehicle accident). We report a case of Pipkin II fracture associated with an irreducible hip subluxation. Clinical signs are poor unlike in posterior hip subluxation. CT scan is important to evaluate the(More)
The management of combined loss of skin coverage and bone substance in the lower third of the leg is problematic. A recommended sequential strategy associates removal of infected tissue and coverage followed by treatment of the bone defect. We report a technique without microsurgery, using Masquelet's induced membrane technique to manage the bone loss,(More)
We report a case of anterior thigh compartment syndrome (TCS), which occurred after a closed femoral fracture internal fixation using an intramedullary rod. A 20 ml ropivacaine hydrochloride single-injection femoral block had preceded general anaesthesia to conduct the surgical procedure. The compartment syndrome diagnosis was made the morning after surgery(More)
OBJECTIVE This study was performed to determine the possible relationship between histologic chorioamnionitis and genital tract cultures and their contribution to preterm delivery. METHODS The study group consisted of 45 preterm and 37 term pregnancies. Cervico-vaginal cultures were obtained from all patients at admission and placentas were(More)
We report a case of anterior thigh compartment syndrome, which occurred after man's thigh was bruised after flipping repeatedly over his bike and being hit by the frame of the bike nearly at around 6 pm. The next day at 1:30 am, he was admitted to the hospital. The initial presentation was a hematoma, and the patient was kept in bed with local cooling. The(More)
INTRODUCTION Intra-articular distal radial fractures in young subjects occur in severe trauma. Articular reduction needs to be anatomical. We report four cases with the particularity of having a 90° or 180° rotated lunate fossa. Our goal is to bring out the positive aspects of surgical procedure by volar medial approach and to assess long-term functionnal(More)
The authors reported on the surgical management of a trans-scaphoid retrolunate dislocation of the carpus associated with a stable styloid fracture of the radius and a displaced fracture of the triquetrum in a nine-year-old child. An open reduction of the dislocation and fixation using a screw inserted disto-proximally in the scaphoid were quickly carried(More)