A. P. Thakare

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A methodology for implementing DSP based or communication applications on a field programmable gate arrays (FPGA) using Xilinx System Generator (XSG) for Matlab. The DPSK system and FFT are simulated using Matlab/ Simulink environment and System Generator, a tool from Xilinx used for FPGA design as well as implemented on Spartan 3E Starter Kit boards. We(More)
In the field of communication to achieve the secured communication is the biggest challenge. The conventional techniques of transmission provide transmission efficiency but does not able to have total secured communication because of dynamic properties of channel. In this project paper after studying dynamic behavior channel we proved that this is(More)
ABSTRACT— The trend in hardware design is towards implementing a complete system, intended for various applications, on a single chip. In order to implement the any speech application in Altera DE2 board a controller is designed to control the CODEC and acquire the digital data from it. This paper presents an experimental design and implementation of the(More)
In wireless medium, requirement of high frequency is increasing day by day. For high frequency based system data rates should be high. In unguided media, as signal travels a long distance and due to interference of noise, there is error in phase and frequency and we get a deviated output. In view of this, We are motivated to design a low power frequency(More)
With the ever-increasing growth of data communication, the need for security and privacy has become a strong necessity. AES is a symmetric block cipher that is intended to replace DES as the approved standard for wide range of applications. Numbers of hardware techniques have been developed for implementation of AES algorithm. In this paper we are using(More)
Many applications that are DSP based or certain communication application require mathematical modelling for their easy understanding and analysis. Due to its complexity Pure HDL is unable to simulate. Also it terms to be costly and time consuming process. We propose an alternative approach based on mixed HDL-Simulink platform. Basic properties of the(More)
In the recent era of wireless communication, requirement of high frequency is increasing day by day and for OFDM based system data rates should be high. Signal coming from different sources contain noise due to which there is error in phase and frequency and we get a deviated output. In view of this there is need to design frequency synthesizer which would(More)