A P Stadnichenko

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The combined effect of the trematode infection (Echinoparyphium sp.) and various concentrations of chromium sulphate (0.01, 1, 100 mg/l) onto the crude protein content in the haemolymph of the mollusc Viviparus viviparus was investigated. The normal contents of the crude protein is 0.7-1.22%. In adult specimens its concentration is 20-80% higher than in(More)
The cumulating of heavy metals (Cu, Cd, Pb, Zn) by the pond snail Lymnaea stagnalis from river and pond populations in a norm and under the trematode infection was examined. The copper and cadmium were accumulated by all specimens, mainly in the mantle and leg, in less content--in the hepatopancreas, and in the least content--in the shell and haemolymph.(More)
The effect of the ammonium nitrate (concentrations 2000, 4000, 6000 mg/l) on the content of urea, urea nitrogen and residual nitrogen in the haemolymph of normal Planorbarius purpura and in trematode-infected individuals. It is shown, that stimulation of metabolic processes is more expressed in uninfected specimens, while the trematode-infected ones, the(More)
The influence of the trematode invasion on the accumulation of heavy metals (Cu, Zn, Cd, Pb) by various organs of the mollusc Colletopterum ponderosum have been investigated. An increase of the coefficients of accumulation and bottom biological accumulation, and also changes in the accumulation in pairs of heavy metals were noted in the infected molluscs.
A study was conducted on the changes in sulphhydryl groups in the haemolymph of Lymnaea stagnalis infected with partenites of Opisthioglyphe ranae, Planorbis corneus infected with partenites of Cotylurus cornutus and females of Viviparus viviparus infected with partenites and larvae of Echinoparyphium petrowi. At the infection in the haemolymph of hosts(More)
Cellular components of the Planorbarius purpura hemolymph are represented by three phyla of haemocytes (prohemocytes, eosinophilis microgranulocytes, and basophilis granulocytes) and vesicular cells. As a result of the invasions of P. purpura with the trematode Echinoparyphium aconiatum, changes of the linear dimensions of granular hemocytes and their(More)
The effect of parthenites and larvae of trematodes on the contents of total sugar, glucose as well as on the variations in the activity of acid and alkaline phosphatases of the haemolymph of Lymnaea stagnalis, Planorbis corneus and Viviparus viviparus has been studied. The studies have revealed differences in the degree of effect of individual species of(More)