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A variety of different scripts are used in writing languages throughout the world. In a multiscript, multilingual environment, it is essential to know the script used in writing a document before an appropriate character recognition and document analysis algorithm can be chosen. In view of this, several methods for automatic script identification have been(More)
—As the supply voltage to a standard CMOS op-amp is reduced, the input common mode range and the output swing get reduced drastically. Special biasing circuits have to be used to raise them up to rail-to-rail supply voltage. Three low voltage op-amps with new biasing circuits have been proposed in this paper and their performance evaluated. The op-amp(More)
— A novel input and output biasing circuit to extend the input common mode (CM) voltage range and the output swing to rail-to-rail in a low voltage op-amp in standard CMOS technology is presented. The input biasing circuit uses a Switched Capacitor Based Attenuator (SCBA) approach to establish rail-to-rail common mode input voltage range. And the output(More)
— A new divide-and-conquer scheme has been proposed with Adaptive Modulation in CDMA system to improve the spectrum efficiency of the wireless communication system. The proposed method results in increase in average throughput achieved and simultaneously decrease in the outage probability of the system when the user density is high. The proposed scheme is(More)
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