A. P. S. Selvadurai

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Argillaceous Lindsay limestone is the geologic storage formation that will be encountered at the site for the construction of a deep ground repository in Ontario, Canada, for the storage of low to intermediate level nuclear waste. The permeability of the Lindsay limestone is a key parameter that will influence the long-term movement of radionuclides from(More)
A competent low permeability and chemically inert geological barrier is an essential component of any strategy for the deep geological disposal of fluidized hazardous material and greenhouse gases. While the processes of injection are important to the assessment of the sequestration potential of the storage formation, the performance of the caprock is(More)
In this paper, we examine the coupled thermoporomechanical behaviour of a fluid-saturated porous medium of infinite extent bounded internally by a fluid-filled cavity. The mechanical behaviour of the porous skeleton can either be Hookean elastic or elasto-plastic, with a constitutive response corresponding to a modified Cam Clay plasticity model. The fluid(More)
This paper presents a numerical approach for examining a spherically symmetric advective–dispersive contaminant transport problem. The Taylor–Galerkin method that is based on an Euler time-integration scheme is used to solve the governing transport equation. A Fourier analysis shows that the Taylor–Galerkin method with a forward Euler time integration can(More)
The evolution of permeability hysterisis in Indiana Limestone during application of isotropic confining pressures up to 60 MPa was measured by conducting one-dimensional constant flow rate tests. These tests were carried out either during monotonic application of the confining pressure or during loading-partial unloading cycles. Irreversible permeability(More)