A. P. Pushpalatha

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In this paper, we define the notions of inverse strong non-split r-dominating set and inverse strong non-split r-domination number γ′ sns r(G) of a graph G. We characterize graphs for which γ sns r(G) + γ′ sns r(G) = n, where γ sns r(G) is the strong non-split r-domination number of G. We get many bounds on γ′ sns r(G). Nordhaus-Gaddum type results are also(More)
In this paper we introduce rw-closed map from a topological space X to a topological space Y as the image of every closed set is rw-closed and also we prove that the composition of two rw-closed maps need not be rw-closed map. We also obtain some properties of rw-closed maps. Generalized closed mappings were introduce and studied by Malghan[5].wg-closed(More)
Malicious and selfish behaviors represent a serious threat against routing in Delay/Disruption Tolerant Networks (DTNs).We propose an iTrust, a probabilistic misbehavior detection scheme, for secure DTN routing towards efficient trust establishment. The basic idea of iTrust is introducing a periodically available Trusted Authority (TA) to judge the node's(More)
In this paper, some fundamental technical concepts of the main multiple access schemes for wireless mobile systems are reviewed, and a path for development of appropriate multiple access technologies for next-generation mobile networks, or so-called beyond 3G (B3G), is established. We first review the multiple access technologies in second-and(More)