A. P. Potylitsin

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Based on kinematic model of parametric X-ray radiation (PXR), an approach for calculation of PXR characteristics (spectrum, intensity, polarization and yield) has been developed. The approach allows to take into account the beam divergence, mosaicity, aperture sizes, influence of K-edge, etc. using a uniform technique. 1. The existing theoretical models(More)
A new tungsten single-crystal target has been successfully employed at the positron source of the KEKB injector linac. The crystal thickness was determined to be 10.5 mm based on the previous systematic measurements of the positron-production efficiency. The crystal axis, lang111rang, was precisely aligned to the direction of the 4-GeV primary electron(More)
A new kind of positron sources for future linear colliders, where the converter is an aligned tungsten crystal, oriented on the 111 axis, has been studied at CERN in the WA103 experiment with tertiary electron beams from the SPS. In such sources the photons resulting from channeling radiation and coherent bremsstrahlung create the e + e − pairs. Electron(More)
Numerical simulations and ‘proof of principle’ experiments showed clearly the interest of using crystals as photon generators dedicated to intense positron sources for linear colliders. An experimental investigation, using a 10 GeV secondary electron beam, of the SPS-CERN, impinging on an axially oriented thick tungsten crystal, has been prepared and(More)
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