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An international collaborative study of breast cancer and reproductive experience has been carried out in 7 areas of the world. In all areas studied, a striking relation between age at first birth and breast cancer risk was observed. It is estimated that women having their first child when aged under 18 years have only about one-third the breast cancer risk(More)
Data from a large international case-control study of breast cancer suggested that women born to young mothers had a 25% lower risk of breast cancer. The association was not secondary to a tendency for these women themselves to have had children at early ages. The data provided no indication of a meaningful association between breast cancer risk and birth(More)
An international collaborative study has been carried out to test the hypothesis that prolonged lactation protects women against cancer of the breast. While pregnancy itself seemed to confer some protection against breast cancer in all areas studied, no consistent differences in duration of lactation were found between breast cancer patients and unaffected(More)
OBJECTIVES To present the results of the study of the current prevalence of smoking among Brazilian physicians, according to field of specialization. The study was performed in the period from May to October 1996. METHOD Data were collected by spontaneous reply from 11,909 physicians registered in Brazilian Medical Association, in the various States of(More)